Positive changes have been made to the 28th edition of International Competition for pianoforte and orchestra “Città di Cantù” in order to maintain the uniqueness of the formula that it ensures to 24 competitors – 12 in the classic section and 12 in the romantic section – to play with a symphonic orchestra introducing an additional test, making the selection of competitors more linear and facilitating the work of the jury.

After eliminatory tests where competitors play the first movement with second pianist, 12 of them per section will play the quarter final tests where they play the second and third movement with orchestra. After that it will be selected the 7 best performers per section of the authors scheduled in the programme that go to semifinal tests playing the whole concerto with orchestra. In the final test 3 competitors per section will play the whole concerto with orchestra. In this way the finalists are given the possibility to experience twice the emotion of the full performance putting them in the position to play with greater experience and tranquility.

We have also inserted for 28th edition the XXI Century section with the concerto for piano and orchestra of Giovanni Allevi presented in world premiere on 26th August, 2017 in USA. The XXI Century section becomes official from this edition and will present every year a concerto composed after the year 2000.
The best performer of Giovanni Allevi who will play the whole concerto in semifinal test, will automatically receive a special prize of 1.500 euro and will play again the whole concerto on 7th of May at Teatro Dal Verme in Milan.


Direttore Artistico:
Vincenzo Balzani

Cristina Molteni

Vice Presidente e direttore organizzativo:
Giuliano Molteni

Segreteria e Interprete:
Tiziana Bosisio

Nuova Scuola di Musica
Comune di Cantù

Orchestra Filarmonica
“Mihail Jora” di Bacau

Direttore d’Orchestra:
Ovidiu Balan

Pianisti accompagnatori:
“Nuova Scuola di Musica di Cantù”
Vsevolod Dvorkine
Antonio Tarallo