29th April – 7th May 2018


1. The CITTÀ DI CANTÙ piano competition is reserved to pianists of all nationalities born after December 31st, 1982.

2. Candidates must send their applicati form, duly filled in, within April 15th 2018 (please send us by e-mail the application sent by post) to the Competition Secretary’s Office, enclosing the following documents:
- Copy of identification document
- 1 size photo
- curriculum Vitae (English)
- Payment of 100 € (euro) net of bank charges
- Payment of 20 € (euro), net of bank charges, for free practice with our second pianist

addressed to:

Nuova Scuola di Musica di Cantù
Concorso Pianistico
“Città di Cantù” via Pontida, 5 - C.P. 137
22063 CANTÙ (Co) - ITALIA

Banco Posta:
IT61 X 07601 10900 000054801691


Cassa Rurale ed Artigiana di Cantù
IT77 A 08430 51060 000000985428
Swift: ACAR IT 22

3. Candidates will not be admitted to the contest without the payment of the entrance fee. This sum will not be reimbursed for any reason.

4. Before beginning the first test, candidates must show documents proving their identity to the competition secretary.

5. The jury’s decisions are final and irrevocable.

6. Those members who have or have had, during the two years before Competition, didactic relationships with one or more competitors, must retain from taking part in the discussion and in the voting during the above-mentioned competitors’ examinations. The abstention must be clearly reported in the minutes. During the first meeting, each member of the Jury must sign a statement about his/her personal situation towards the participants with reference to the above

7. In case two candidates are joint winners of a prize, the jury can divide the reward in equal parts.

8. The jury can decide not to give any reward if they think no candidate is worthy.

9. The performances are to be given by heart.

10.The competition includes four stages:
- eliminatory test with a second piano
- quarter final test with orchestra
- semifinal test with orchestra
- final test with orchestra
All performances will be open to the public.

11. The winners will play free in the award giving concert. A possible refusal will involve the cancellation of the award.

12. For the preliminary test candidates will have a second pianist who will be at their disposal during the days of the roll-call for free practice: April 27th for the Section A, for the Section B and for XXI Century section. However it is possible to come with own accompanist. The order of execution of free prac- tice will be communicated during the roll-call while the prelimina- ry test will be communicated in time to the candidates.
The competitor who does not play the original cadence has to send two copies of the same to the secretariat with application form.

13. In case of radio or television productions or tape and/or video recordings of the tests, the participating candidates have no right to advance claims or financial request towards producers or transmitters.

A concert for piano and orchestra chosen among the following ones:

Bach: BWV 1052, 1053, 1054, 1055, 1056, 1057, 1058
Mozart: KV 271, 413, 414, 415, 453, 466, 467, 482, 488, 491,
503, 537, 595
Beethoven: all
Mendelssohn: 1st
Chopin: 1st, 2nd
Schumann: A minor
Liszt: 1st, 2nd, Totentanz

Brahms: 1st, 2nd
Ciaikovski: 1st
Grieg: A minor
Ravel: G major
Rachmaninov: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Rhapsody on Paganini’s theme
Gershwin: F major, Rhapsody in blue
Prokofiev: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

We have inserted for 28th edition the concerto for piano and orchestra of Giovanni Allevi presented in world premiere on 26th August, 2017 in USA. The XXI Century section becomes official from this edition and will present every year a concerto composed after the year 2000.
The best performer of Giovanni Allevi who will play the whole concerto in semifinal test, will automatically receive a special prize of 1.500 euro and will play again the whole concerto on 7th of May at Teatro Dal Verme in Milan.

15. Candidates will be able to enter themselves in several sections after having paid relative enrolment fees.

29th-30th April, 1st May: Eliminatory tests.
The first movement with second piano.

2nd-3rd May: MORNING: quarter final’s rehearsal with conductor.
AFTERNOON: quarter final tests with orchestra.
Second and third movement. Up to 12 candidates per section will be admitted.

4th-5th May: MORNING: semifinal’s rehearsal with conductor.
AFTERNOON: semifinal tests section A, section B and XXI Century section. The whole concerto with orchestra
At semifinal test will play the 7 best performers of the authors in programme per section.

6th May: Final section A and section B section.
Will be admitted 3 candidates per section selected by the jury. They will play the whole concerto with orchestra. Award ceremony.

7th May: Gala Concerto of the winners at Teatro Dal Verme – Milano.

17. The candidates awarded at the “Città di Cantù” piano competition pledge that in the future they will use the title actually given by the jury. For any controversy the court of Como will be competent.

18. Participation to the competition implies the tacit consent of the above.

19. If there is dispute about the interpretation of the regulations, the valid text will be the Italian one.


Nuova Scuola di Musica di Cantù
Tel +39 335.7041043
Fax +39 031.706418
e-mail: info@scuoladimusica.it


To the first 40 applicants the organization will offer hospitality in families (Bed&Breakfast).

The organization, at the request of the non-hosted in family, propose a form of “Bed&Breakfast” to a maximum cost of 30 Euros.

If candidates want hospitality in families they will ask for it in their application form.